Getting Going Again

Wow, so it’s been 6 months since I’ve done anything with this blog.  If you are still following… I admire your dedication!

I have continued to write during this time, but didn’t make huge progress on any of it.  I have a 70,000 word novel that is probably half done, and in dire need of revisions.

I’ve also written about 30 short stories that I would like to start seeing the light of day.  The biggest breakthrough is that one of those short stories actually made it to a “final draft.”  By this, I mean I finished writing all of it and did a proofreading/editing pass to cleanup.  I’ll have a post to follow on editing, and what that experience was like when I haven’t edited anything beyond 500 words.  5500 is a lot harder… And I’m really dreading 55,000 or 550,000.

It really makes me appreciate how long so many books take that I am chomping at the bit for.

For today, I wanted to call attention to a site that I am now trying to use to help improve my writing:

The premise behind this site is that users can submit new manuscripts for critique, and then perform critiques on others.  While I will never release the content of the documents I am critiquing, I will say I am impressed by the quality I’m finding, and I am already finding ways of improving my own writing.

Anyways, this is my “back to blogging” post… Hopefully I stick to it!


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