Critiques Offered

I’ve mentioned in another post that I have started doing Critiques on  I wanted to let you know that I’m willing to do critiques outside of those on Critters if you drop me a line.

Am I qualified to critique your work?

Sure.  But so is anybody else.  Do I have any special pedigrees or certifications that my critiques somehow carry more weight or validity than anybody else’s?  Nope.  But I am a reader.  And as a reader, I’m fully qualified to tell you what I like and don’t like to read.  Maybe my words could be helpful to you… Maybe not.  Either way, all feedback is a gift, and maybe mine might make a different for your work.

Check out this page to see details on what a critique would entail.

Why am I doing this?  

I think by reading more and reading with a critical eye, I will better understand my own writing, and get better at it.  I’ll think about the same questions as I write, and ultimately produce a better story.

Either way, feel free to point me to something you’ve read, or email it to me.  I look forward to reading with you!


11 thoughts on “Critiques Offered

  1. I like your idea very much. Thank you so much! One of these days I will write something (the idea being at the back of my mind) and I will send it to you if you are willing to have a look at it.


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