Friends like these…

I was checking out The Writing Practice Challenge over at Enette’s World.  The challenge she has for the week is well-timed.  I’m trying to work on improving my descriptive language.  Here’s the challenge:

Write a description of a person.  Lots more than that, but check out her site if you want the full story.

In the mean time, hope you enjoy Friends like these…

Joe was the scariest guy I knew. If his posh gray Brioni suit wasn’t intimidating enough, the man’s stare alone could take down any target, a piercing gaze that I swear could leave holes a 9mm would envy. Should anyone have the mental fortitude to put this man to the test, he moved like he was run on hydraulics. Every motion was smooth and powerful, and not an ounce of energy was wasted. Each step he took was performed with the forced deliberation of a man contemplating walking through a wall.

His head was completely bald save for the closely cropped blond goatee. There was never a five o’clock shadow. Never a few traces of hair that thought they might sneak back onto his head. Joe defied nature. Even in the worst swell of summer, the man couldn’t be bothered with the glossy sheen of sweat that clung to everyone else. It was as if even a few drops could betray his cool, collected presentation.

The only thing more immaculate than his presence was his work. He was a crack shot, and an expert investigator. Joe’s steely gray eyes were much more potent at ensuring he hit his mark than any tracer fire or laser scope. Those sinister eyes hunted around as though they alone were the only thing truly necessary to effectively search a room.

On the rare occasions he bothered with speaking, his voice was soft, as if it could have been considered a deadly weapon that should be handled with care. And maybe it was a deadly weapon. The only time I had been the target, I certainly felt less comfortable afterwards.

I guess I’m just glad he’s my best friend.


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