What I Always Wanted

This week’s challenge for “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by pixabay.com.

What I Always Wanted

To say Marcus woke up would have been a lie. He hadn’t made it to sleep.

It was his sixteenth birthday and was, without question, going to be the best day of his life. That little apartment was fine and all but he was ready to get out and have freedom.

Freedom that a set of wheels was going to give him. His parents had asked what he wanted… As if they needed to. He was scheduled to get his license later today, and what would be a better gift than a new car? He had expected his pop’s old car… but then he overheard their conversation.

“-Silver on the wheels. Good brakes. I think he’ll love it, but was it worth buying new?”

Not the whole conversation, but it was enough. Once 7am hit, he charged downstairs. His parents were at the counter making breakfast. They seemed to understand exactly what was up. They exchanged a quick look.

Pops looked over and said, “It’s down in the alley, son. Go check it out!”


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