Today’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sonya with the blog, Only 100 Words. Thank you Sonya


A new pair stood at the base of the tower trying to goad each other into climbing. Ivak waited. He wouldn’t do anything unless they actually started to climb.

“Come on, Johnny. Don’t be chicken. Go up there!”

“I’m not chicken.”

Ivak tuned them out.

No one ever climbed the tower. He knew that from experience. He heard them every day, and every day they were all talk. They postured and strutted, but the tower was old and rusty, and far too tall for school boys to risk.

Today wouldn’t change things… A fact he almost lamented. He didn’t grudge his duty; not really. It just got old. Don’t move unless somebody has gotten past the frame. Then go get them.

A quick shout and some tapping told him what his eyes could not. Johnny had climbed the frame. He was right outside the hatch.

Ivak rubbed three pairs of hands together in anticipation.

Perhaps today he’d be meeting Earthlings after all.

(162 words)


20 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. No worries. I think I’m too vague on things since I’m trying to write with fewer words. One of the reasons I really enjoy these challenges. Helping me to learn the balance of making every word count, and having every word you need.

    Thanks for hosting them!


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