Weekly Writing Prompt 12/31/2015

Last post of the year, and it’s my first writing prompt.  A sign of things to come?

This is a first-line prompt.  Your story may go anywhere you want, but it needs to begin with the following first line (unmodified).

My life savings were still in the front seat of the car.

The Rules

  1. Have Fun!
  2. Prompts will reset on Thursday.
  3. Keep entries between 100-250 words
  4. Post on your blog with the tag #StartYourFiction.  (If you don’t have a blog, feel free to put your story in the comments!)
  5. Drop a comment on the topic post to let me know it’s there.
  6. If you are open to InLinkz, feel free to put your entry on the link-up.  Makes it easier for everybody to see them and comment.
  7. If I didn’t say to have fun… Have Fun!

Click the link below to add yours!  Mine’s in there as well.

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Entries for this prompt:


Here’s mine:

My life savings were still in the front seat of that car.

Maybe life savings was too strong a phrase for the 87 cents of change from the drive-thru. I guess I should have felt lucky I still had the car. Somewhere along the line I managed to go from Mr Moneybags swimming in my cash to somebody a college student would feel sorry for.

And that was okay.

No one had believed me when I first set out. They called me mad or worse. My eyes darted down to the box tucked neatly under my arm. That was the real secret… And it was worth it.

I almost giggled as I walked. Who needed a car? Who needed 87 cents? I had something worth a lot more.

Finally clearing the parking lot, I skipped into the woods beyond and knelt at the edge of the treeline. I looked over my shoulder a few times to make sure I wasn’t being followed… But of course I wasn’t. Nobody else knew yet.

I set the box on the ground and popped open the top.

“Yesssss…” The words escaped my lips, unbidden.

I pulled forth the lamp.


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