Latest double drabble for Writing the 200.  Topic for this one is:


Angela wished she knew his name.

They had known each other for months, if a slight catch of the eye counted as knowing someone. They had never really spoken.

They had nothing to talk about.

He was in the cube on the north side of the building. She thought maybe he was one of the development guys… or maybe the network ones. Somebody in tech. Her imagination could fill in with something much more interesting.

Regardless, it didn’t overlap at all with her position in finance. Their only chance meetings had been passing in the hall or waiting at the drink machine. Pleasantries exchanged, but no conversation.

She had watched him, though. She admired his searching eyes, his carefully combed red hair. Some people might be unnerved by his almost inhuman stillness, but that never bothered her.

She didn’t know anything about him. No idea about his hobbies, his favorite teams… Hell, even if he was into sports at all. Was he married? Any kids? Pets? Nothing at all. They just never had much cause to talk or cross paths with one another.

And it was probably a good thing too.

After last night, things were going to get awkward.


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