Getting Personal – My Blogging Venture

Today’s blog goes a slightly different direction than my others.  Traditionally, my blogs travel down one of three roads:

  1. Story – These are my favorite.  They are pieces that I’ve written that I’m sharing with the world, ranging from flash fiction from writing prompts out to full short stories that I decided to publish here rather than submit somewhere.
  2. Book Reviews – Not many of those yet, but hopefully that will grow as time goes by.  I intend to review at least a book a week to keep sharpening my tools.
  3. Advice for other authors – In general when I first got into the blogging scene, this is the kind of stuff I saw.  9 Reasons Why You Will Win.  14 Ways to Self-Publish.  A Zillion Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block.  So I felt obligated to start putting some of those up (and still have some scheduled).  I don’t know if I’m qualified to offer tips and advice to others, but as long as I make sure people know I’m still learning… Hopefully they find something in it to give value.

However, as I build more connections with the blogging world, I’m seeing other posts.  Personal ones.  People struggling with hopes, dreams, fears.  Posts that talk about what you saw today, or something that happened.

Little snapshots of people’s lives.

I read these with as much rapt attention as I do anything of the others.  It’s a reminder that these are real people walking their own lives.  We may have the same journey; we may not.  But that doesn’t make any of us any less human, any less real.  I read these and wonder if I should include my own personal musings.

Is a glimpse into my random thoughts worth it to a reader?  

Which I guess gets to the deeper question:  Am I interesting enough to warrant busy people’s attention?  I’m not going to get psychological on that one (just posting my own musings!), but I don’t really know the answer to either question.

In the meantime, I’ll go ahead and start trying a few social posts.  They may be conversation starters, or they may be other things I think about and want to bare to the world, but we’ll see how it goes.

In my preparation for this post, I also found this page, which includes several other great topics to blog about:

Do you enjoy reading personal(ish) blog posts, or would you prefer things be kept strictly business?


8 thoughts on “Getting Personal – My Blogging Venture

  1. I’ve wondered this myself during the few scant few months I have been blogging. I ponder over the same things you have just brought up. I’ll be very interested to see your conclusions when the time comes! 🙂

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