A few shoutouts!

I wanted to send out a special shout-out for two individuals that participated in my fledgling (albeit doomed) writing prompt.

The first submission was from Jamie Dyson at Semperite Scrolls. It’s titled “Ode to the Jabberwocky” and was a fun read.
(Coscript: I almost wrote “seriously fun read”… But decided serious didn’t belong with this excellent story!)

The second story was from ARWriter and tells a very serious story that will leave you wanting to lend a helping hand to someone you’ve never met, but probably already know somewhere in your life.  Check that out here.

What I love about these two stories is how different they are from the story I had imagined when I first prepared the prompt. I had pictured some kind of truck with a bunch of barrels on the back filled with some kind of hazardous (or even supernatural?) material. My main character would have been following (or chasing?) the truck, and things felt in hand until one of the barrels fell off the truck.

Just goes to show you how powerful writing prompts can be.  They really stretch your imagination, and can create very different and awesome stories.

Anyways, please check them out, and hearty thanks to both ARWriter and Semperite Scrolls for participating. The prompt post has been updated to reflect these two postings.


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