The Captain

Not sure how I missed this one, but here’s last week’s double drabble from Writing the 200.

Topic:  Remains

Hope you enjoy it.


The Captain

Captain Tom Miller sat in his chair and enjoyed the feel of it beneath him. As a boy, he dreamed of sitting in that command position, responsible to and for a crew of motivated and talented men and women. He found it aboard the Legacy.

His first mission was a destroyed planet. No sign of lingering danger, so the Tribunal felt comfortable sending an untested captain to sift through the rubble and see what was left… to see what had caused it.

He found the source, a Resistance ship. He had never seen a ship like it; so much raw, destructive potential. No chance surviving a run-in with that. Movement on his console drew his eye. Thousands of energy signatures were flying away from the Legacy. Just over 200 ticks. Far enough.

So much damage. He blew out a slow sigh and released the manual controls. He had achieved what he remained for. So short a mission now ended. With luck, the life pods should escape notice.

When a ship was destroyed, it should always be the responsibility of the captain to remain. This wasn’t exactly what he had dreamed.

Then the stabilizers finally failed, and the Legacy exploded.


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