What We Throw Away

I wanted to share with you all this story I wrote for Perfect-The-Days. The person who runs this blog does a lot to bring world issues into the spotlight and graciously accepted my story. Please go check out the story, and check out many of the other great posts you can find on her page!


Hunger is the major risk to health worldwide. One in nine people do not have enough food to keep them healthy. The main causes behind this situation are poverty, unemployment and wastage of food. Often we are led to believe that “beggars” should not be given monetary assistance because they would drink “booze” and ruin their lives. We question as to why they are not employed, and surprisingly we also find the answer. We consider it to be their laziness. Yet there is more to this issue. On one hand is the lack of employment and on the other hand is the exorbitant price of food. It is charity that could bridge the gap and we should develop kindness and compassion in ourselves. This is a powerful and effective short story by Jon Stephens which discusses this issue.

Today was going to suck. There was no way around it. Jason…

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