Trying to get back on track with my flash fiction.  Here’s my Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.   Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks to Storyteller’s Abode for the image!


Meredith walked along the street between beach and buildings, bittersweet nostalgia seeping into her soul with each step. Such beautiful architecture, old buildings built before the giant resort hotels had invaded the beach. Character. History.


Gray clouds rolled in across the sky, heavy with their promise of rain. She had lived in one of the apartments above one of those little shops, a tchochke shop her parents had run… Warmest Regards. Her parents sold the thing and the new owners hadn’t known what to do with it, so ultimately, like so many of the shops on this strip, it had closed down.

She stopped in front of The Honey Tree, a small mom and pop shop that sold the basic odds and ends; a convenience store in an era where convenience stores had either merged with gas stations or been overrun by corporate mega-marts. Another legacy, someone else’s memory, soon to be forgotten. Her eyes rested on its going-out-of-business sign.

This was not the beach of her childhood.  Her childhood was as surely condemned as these poor buildings.  Memories and fond moments would collapse with the wrecking ball that shattered brick and stone.

Meredith continued her stroll, ignoring the overwhelming attractive advertisements of the modern buildings coming in Spring 2017. She ignored what those flyers meant.

She ignored how badly she wanted to cry.


29 thoughts on “Condemned

  1. Wonderful story. I think we feel nostalgic about the past sometimes and think things look better then they did. I’m saying this because I don’t think those buildings in the background are particularly worth saving except for sentimental value. I do understand your character Meredith’s view that all these small shops are being taken over by huge mega-marts and new buildings. I think it is sad that mom and pop stores are closing. Little stores like Meredith’s parents are full of items, some which are truly unique. Nice story. It very much inspired feelings within me. I could relate to your character well.

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  2. It’s sad to see buildings that were part of your childhood destroyed – especially when the small businesses within them are also being replaced by corporate chains. Beautifully written story. 🙂


  3. Lovely story. We like going back and seeing things we have experienced in the past, but it kind of puts a damper on it when you find that it has changed so much and may even be completely removed. I went to the place where I lived when I was only 4 yrs old and it is now an industrial park, however, I was able to find my old back yard and the oak tree with a piece of clothes line still inbeded around it, and I took a picture of it. (a picture in my album that I have to explain to people! )

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    1. I actually have a fear of visiting my childhood home… Even if nothing has changed, how will my perceptions be different as an adult 20 years later? There was a massive cliff in the backyard. I’ve always described it as 50 feet. Is it? When I go back will it be only 25? Something to think about.

      Thanks for reading!

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  4. I’ve visited my old home town and so much has changed that I don’t even recognize it. Very sad but time does move on and that is how things are. Great story evokes lots of feelings from the character. 🙂

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