Triumphant Return

Okay, catching up.  Here’s this week’s Double Drabble for Writing the 200.

The topic was “Passion,” and the requirement was to write exactly 200 words.


The room was immaculate.

This is it. Jake thought.

Everything was exactly where he wanted it; the evening was prepped. He walked cautiously across the open expanse, legs trembling with each step. How long had it been? Too long. He knew he shouldn’t have been worried. He was in great shape; a few months away shouldn’t cause him any problems. Some things the body remembered.

It was cool out, although things were gonna heat up pretty soon. He reached a shaking hand over to the small stereo atop the homemade shelf and turned the knob. Soft jazz music streamed out. Now things were ready.

His eyes drifted to the small table and the pair of chairs seated at it. Decorative orbs were carved down each leg of chairs and table alike. None had a finish yet. That would come later.

He looked to the workbench across the garage. All of his tools were still where he had left them. His fingers graced his chisels and mallet. The drills and joiners. Confidence returned with each touch. He could still do this.

Smiling, Jake grabbed a piece of wood and began work on the third chair. This is what he lived for.


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