Sleep Typing

Have you ever typed your dreams?

I was working on a piece that I sent over for Amra Ismail’s blog at Perfect-the-Days.  The story was focused on a world hunger issue, but I had a weird experience when I sat down to revise.  I found this line:

Unfortunately, nothing would change the core assessment:  Ty and/or Ryan would be charged with murder.

People talk about the story inside you just waiting to get out… I had no idea how literal that statement was.

The story I was writing for Amra possesses two characters, neither of which are named Ty or Ryan.  The story has no death, no murder, nothing that would even be tied remotely to what this line said.  The section of the story where this appeared was talking about a homeless man at the dumpster.

Weird right?

It might be explainable if I was working on another story, or anything else where this would be relevant… Maybe a bad copy/paste.  Nope.  No idea who these people are, or why they should be charged with murder.  Or more… What they were doing in my story.

I’m somewhat interested though.  Ty and/or Ryan.  This implies that both have been suspects to date, and that we (the reader) can’t be sure which of them is responsible, or even if they are in on it together.  “Unfortunately” at the beginning also says a lot.  This means our narrator doesn’t want them charged and has worked at overturning it.  I get the feeling that we are the POV of the detective investigating the situation, or perhaps we a friend (sort of) of theirs now acknowledging that there was no other option.

My theory at the time is that I write at a bad time.  I write late at night when the wife and kids go to bed… I desperately want to be one of those “wake up early and write” kind of guys, but alas that never worked out… So I have defaulted to writing in the evening.  I’m thinking I must have fallen asleep.

This has happened to me before.

Back in college (over a decade ago), I used to play online video games competitively.  Between games you’d essentially sit in a giant chat room, although mine had no one else in it.  I’d fall asleep at the keyboard, and wake up finding an absurd amount of content typed.  Conversations, descriptions… Most common would be my half of a dialogue.  Weird, vaguely coherent stuff.  These days, I wish I had saved it.

Have you ever done anything weird while you slept?  Or typed something and read it later wondering how it got there?


7 thoughts on “Sleep Typing

  1. I love this! I have a full time job so most of my writing is done in the evening. But I’m dragging from about 7 pm on, so I sometimes doubt the validity of my writing. Unless I get goosed by my writing Muse and stay up till midnight! I’m thinking some of my best ideas come right in that moment before sleep!

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