Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  This one comes with a caveat – The opinions expressed therein are the opinions of the character!  Not me!



Jeb was so goddamned tired of that woman’s mouth. He wiped greasy hands on his white A-shirt before pulling on a flannel button-down. “I’m going out to work on the truck. At least she ain’t gonna give me no lip.” He took one last swig from his frosty Budweiser and stormed out of his house, slamming the screen porch door shut behind him.

Every night he came home from work and listened to her jawing away about this person at the supermarket or that person at the hair salon. He just wanted some goddamned peace and quiet. He worked and brought home the money every week. Wasn’t that enough for her? She never shut up. And the bitching. This time about his Tuesday nights.

He shook his head angrily. Who was she to pass judgment, anyways? All she did was stay home with kids. It’s not like she had a real job. Why should she care?
Besides, it was one night a week. Was it so bad to want to have a few drinks with the rest of the guys?

He stepped out to the old blue truck and leaned over, and lifted the hood. “I’m glad there’s at least one girl who knows how to keep her mouth shut.”

“Mouth shut about what, Jeb?” the truck said.


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