This week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer’s.  Story based on the picture prompt… this one by Ady.  Thanks Ady!



“It’s just a bench, Harriett.”
She clung to my legs, damn near hysterical.
“Daddy, I don’t want to go. There was a girl on the bench, and I don’t like her.”
“There’s no one there. The yard is fenced in. It’s why we bought this place.”
“Please, daddy…”
I squatted down next to her, prying her off me. I pulled her bright red headband out and placed it back, pushing the blonde bangs out of her face.
“Your mom and I have a lot of unpacking to do. We can’t play right now. Go outside. You don’t have to sit on the bench, but you aren’t staying inside.”
To her credit, she didn’t whine or complain; she just turned and marched down the newly stained stairs leading off the deck and into the yard. It was a little chilly, the humidity making the wind sting a bit, but she should be fine.
I put away another glass and then looked out the window, searching for her. I didn’t see her.
I rushed out into the yard, feeling a little bad that I brushed her off.
Her hairband rested carefully on the bench, but my daughter was nowhere to be seen.


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