State of the Fiction – February 2016

Last month, I wrote a “State of the Fiction” summary. The idea was to be publicly accountable to my goals. Each month, I’ll talk about what I got done the prior month, what I’m planning the next month, and any major lessons learned.

So… Last Month:

1. Finish first draft of Pharaoh: Epic fail.
I don’t know that I even touched this draft. Pretty embarrassed on this one.

2. Three Short Story Competitions: Marginal.
Got Unrequited submitted, and did a whole LOT of putzing around on one of the two others (Skycraft). Sort of started two more (<1500 words in each).

Side note, got my first rejection letter (the story I submitted in December). Yay.

3. Memories Page on the Blog: Success.
Got the page up, and got three memories posted. Was hoping for 4-5, but 3 is a good place to start.

4. Blog tag cleanup + Works in Progress: 50%
Took care of the works in progress page, but didn’t do diddly on the blog tags.

5. Read 4 more books: Success.
Reviews are queued up. But I knocked this one out.

6. Twitter: Negative progress.
Not only did I not make progress here, I uninstalled it from my phone.

Not an impressive month. I did manage to get an interview in, which is positive… otherwise not feeling good about it. Definitely feel like I dropped the ball.

Part of my problem is that I took a week to try and change up my writing schedule. I started trying to get up early, and that really sucked the life out of my writing. I just wasn’t getting anything done. What really made that bite was that once you go a week without writing, you get really sluggish when you try to get going again. So a week of nothing… Then a week of putzing. Then I got all hyper-critical on one of my short story works… sucked into research world and not actually getting stuff written. Three wasted weeks of a 4 week month.

Worst of all, I completely fell apart on this blog (which I really need to remedy). I haven’t written flash fiction in two weeks, and my posts have been some of the weakest things I’ve put out since I started blogging. March is going to be better.

Here’s the plan for March:

1) I can’t start something new until 2 things are finished. This pattern repeats until I have no works in progress (either because I’ve shelved it forever, or I’ve actually cleaned it up and finished it). I’d like to say “finish 2 this month”, but that’s the line I’m drawing in the sand.

2) I’m still hopeful to get the rough draft on Pharaoh progressed… But let’s be a little less ambitious. Let’s say: 20,000 words.

3) Get the blog going again… I’d like a FFfAW every week for the rest of the month, and potentially 1-2 more. At minimum, the Flash Fictions feel like I’m making progress.

4) Critique something on Critters. I know I can do that.

5) Visit some other blogs and throw down some meaningful comments. Surrounding myself with eager writers fuels me. I need to do that.

I give myself a D+ this month (With A being the best, and F being failure). How do you think I did? Do you have any writing goals this month?


8 thoughts on “State of the Fiction – February 2016

  1. Finish first draft of my novel would be great and submit my short story to the right places. You seemed like you did pretty well. I’d give you a higher mark. We are always hardest on our selves. Sometimes you need more learning and just to do everyday things to be inspired and write more. Don’t discount the times you may have done little.

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    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. I agree that we are often hardest on ourselves. I just want to reach that future plan so strongly I hate the thought of wasted time. Good luck in your goals as well! Let me know when you get your story to a point you are willing to share… I’d love to sample read it for you.

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      1. Haha. Thank you so much Jon. The beginning chapters need much work, I wrote them a year and a half ago, got stuck, and learned how to plan a novel so from five on are good. Any comments or critiquing please go ahead even if is not so nice. Thank so much 🙂

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  2. I think acknowledging when and understanding why you have stalled are crucial steps to improving your writing discipline. After all, you can’t improve if you don’t make mistakes! I’m sure you’ll get stuck in to March and get things done. Looking forward to reading your upcoming flash fiction! 😄
    My aim for this month is to edit and complete the three short stories I’m working on. I’m one down so far, so things are looking postive!

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