Here’s my triumphant return to the Flash Fiction arena.  This one for Dave at Writing the 200.

Prompt (and in this case, the title):  Deserted

Hope you enjoy it.


Bastion was alone in the house. Both Mom and Dad had gone to work, and although Mom was supposedly coming home early from work, she probably thought he’d be sleeping in. Wouldn’t notice he was alone awhile. Her mistake.
He had plans.
He crept downstairs, skipping the fourth step just to avoid the creak, although it shouldn’t have mattered. No one was around to hear him.
Rocky looked up as he reached the bottom, tail thumping dutifully.
“Not today, buddy. This is all me.”
The dog didn’t bother getting up as he walked by, although he did finally move when Bastion opened the kitchen door. This would be the best day of his life. No one was here to stop him.
The chocolate cake Mom had baked… a slice of that.
Seven individually wrapped candy bars.
A bowl of ice cream with four scoops.
A pack of Little Debbies.
Another piece of cake. Too good.
He intended to only eat a piece of pie… but he couldn’t stop himself; he ate the whole thing.
And was done. A small belch escaped him. He was sure there’d be a stomach ache later, but for now, things were great.
He was deserted.


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