Ivy League

This week’s Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer.  Hope you enjoy it.20160308.jpg

Thanks for the image, Storyteller’s Abode!

Ivy League

Dawn sat on the grass, her back against the crumbling stone wall outside the Richmond building. Her classes were all over in Hawthorne, but this was still her favorite spot to study. Her coursework was spread in an arc around her, lily petals waiting to be plucked as she finished each course.

This area was always abandoned except a few graduate students who only came to campus to turn in papers. Hawthorne was in the new development built in the 80’s… Richmond was antique. An original structure from back the University was established in 1840. Back when “University” still meant something and institutions built up like castles all over New England.

“Grant, thanks for coming.” The voice came from the other side of the wall, on the old stone stairs leading into the hooded corridor. She stopped writing.

“Don’t use my name. How many more are left on the list?”

There was a hesitation and the hiss of fumbling papers before the first voice spoke again.

“Just one. Dawn Murphy.”

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