Two Wrongs

This week’s double drabble for Writing the 200 posted below.

The theme:  Regret

Two Wrongs

Tears rolled down a face she had worked hard to steel against such intrusions. She couldn’t help herself.

Hesitation cut into her. She had heard his three words countless times over the past six months, and each time had been as empty and hollow as the last. This time sounded like the Jake she knew. The Jake she loved. A Jake that loved her.

But should that matter? Of course he was sorry now. He had been caught. Could sorry make up for another woman?

He was on his knees before her. He stared at the floor and apart from the occasional glance up at her, she wouldn’t even know that he was awake. She took several steps away from him, a rush towards the door and stopped herself. He shouldn’t win this time.

She took a deep breath and steadied her resolve. No regrets. She turned back around and saw him watching her, trembling.

He shuddered under her gaze and sputtered out little sobs that reawakened her anger. Had he noticed her sobs months ago?

She wiped the back of her hand against her eyes, destroying her only sign of weakness.

“Sorry’s not good enough.”

She pulled the trigger.


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