Man’s Best Friend

This week’s flash fiction for Aspiring Writers is dedicated to Juliette – a 6 year old black lab we lost last week to kidney disease far too young.

Here’s the prompt and story.  Thanks to Pixabay for the prompt.


Man’s Best Friend

Maddox was going to die in this damned building. High pitched shrieks from inside made him step in to investigate. Sounded like kids. He took the stairs down and the whole thing collapsed on him. Now he was trapped in that cellar with no way out, and no one to hear his yells. He wasn’t sure how long it would be before the rest of the squad found him, or even if his air would last that long.

He had already been here for two hours, and all for a damn dog. The shriek he had heard came from some poor mutt that had scurried inside to get away from the hell just outside. Once everything fell, he had been able to push the dog out a hole at the top of the stairs. The act of shifting debris around to get the pup out had collapsed everything even more. And now he was stuck.

Sound above drew Maddox’s attention. He looked up and saw shifting dust and sand falling around him. Somebody was moving the rubble above him.

Light peeked through, blinding him after the hours in the dark.  Dugan’s face crowded out the light.

Maddox wanted to cheer.  “I have never been happier to see your face, man. You’re a real friend for coming back. How’d you find me?”

Dugan’s face creased with a smile.  “We wouldn’ta been able to weren’t for your other friend. Man’s best friend.”

Another face pushed Dugan’s aside… A hairy panting face.

 Juliette, you will always be remembered and loved.  Whether it was being there when my wife was sick, to cleaning up the dinner our kids threw on the floor, to the voice we created for you, and how you recognized when we used it… you were truly man’s best friend.  You’ll be missed.


24 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. First, I want to share my deepest sympathy with you and your family on the loss of your beloved pet, Juliette. I know the pain of losing a beloved family member. May she rest in peace.

    Your story is wonderful and I love that he saved the dog and the dog ended up saving him! A truly great story!

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