Here’s my entry for this week’s Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer.  Enjoy.


Thanks to S Writings for the prompt.


“Are you sure we’re in the right place?” That may have been the four hundredth time Mary Lou had asked the question.
Barbara Ann looked hard at her, that glazed look she had crafted so well after so many years. “Of course we are.”
It wasn’t a part of town they were used to going to. Things were just… weirder out here. So many bizarre objects and people all around. The big city really was nothing like the farm. Mary Lou had never seen anything like it. They ambled down the street together, trying to take it all in. It just felt… wrong.
“You’re sure?”
Barbara stopped in her tracks. “I’ve told you so many times. And of course the people are staring. We may not be from around here, but I know we’re in the right spot. How many multi-colored cows do you think are out wandering the streets?” Barbara resumed her glassy eyed stare.
Mary Lou stopped chewing and paused. “That’s what I mean. We can’t be the only ones, right?”

(174 words)

29 thoughts on “Outsiders

  1. Nice one Jon. Seeing too crazily coloured cows walking the city streets would very much be something amazing to see. The last line hits the nail on the head, because yes, they are the only multicoloured cows, the only cows, wandering the city streets. Well done 🙂

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  2. They are adding to the delightful events of some people’s day…I can just hear someone talking about them at the dinner table…”you would not believe what I saw in town today!” …and the enjoyable conversation begins…. Very entertaining story. 🙂

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