Book Review – Gone Girl

Why I read this book:  It’s outside of my normal reading comfort zone, but received high ratings and a feature motion picture.  That’s gotta be worth something.

Did I enjoy this book:  Yes.  It took a bit to really hook me and give me something fun… But after it did… Wow, what a ride.

What I will do because of this book:  She had a lot more flowery language and metaphor than I use in my writing.  I think some of that is because the narrators are authors, so you want them to be a bit… wordy.  However, I think some of it paints some really good pictures, and I’d love to try and leverage that in my own writing.

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This books starts off fairly mundane. Our two main characters are Nick and Amy Dunne, a married couple just like everybody else. However, as we read, we begin to see flaws in this relationship… Flaws that may have fatal ramifications, especially since the book opens with the disappearance of Amy Dunne…

And clear signs of a struggle. From the get-go, Flynn tells us that Nick is lying to the police, but we as the reader can’t be sure about what. This sets the stage. We have an unreliable narrator that may or may not have killed his wife, and we have the diary of said wife. As we read through, we watch as the diary slowly but surely catches up to present, and try to use those details to guess what happened to Amy.

If this is all there was to the book, it’d be a pretty okay story. However, as the book progresses, the story gets increasingly twisted and broken. Flynn constantly introduces new flies into the ointment that make us reevaluate what we know and don’t know. I won’t spoil anything, but with each twist, the intensity builds until you are on a roller-coaster going so fast you have no idea how it’s going to stop… the last 100 pages I couldn’t put it down. The characters are believable; the plot twists fun and well set-up.

I have not seen the film, but this book is a fun read… Especially when you get to Part II. Worth picking up.

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