State of the Fiction – March

Here’s this month’s State of the Fiction. The idea is to be publicly accountable to my goals. Each month, I’ll talk about what I got done the prior month, what I’m planning the next month, and any major lessons learned.

I did a lot of travel in March. Two conferences. April doesn’t promise to be any better. I also am actively trying to make Partner at work which is eating my time like it’s going out of style.  No excuses though!  I still want to be an author, and I will do what it takes!

So… Last Month:

1) I can’t start something new until 2 things are finished.
Good news: I made this goal. Bad news: I haven’t finished the 2 things. I got most of the way through the Burning Truth first draft, and I putzed around with Skycraft quite a bit and ultimately trunked it. Then I spent a great deal of time overhauling Bunker. About 1/2 way through the second draft and having trouble.

2) I’m still hopeful to get the rough draft on Pharaoh progressed…
Crash and burn. I’m trunking Pharaoh for a while.

3) Get the blog going again…
Got 4 flash fictions done, and I’ve got posts going again. Much better than where I was, but not great yet.

4) Critique something on Critters.
Success! Nice to say that. I’ve done 3 critiques this month when I only need 2 to stay current on my credentials, so I’m pleased with myself.

5) Visit some other blogs and throw down some meaningful comments.
I did this one week, but didn’t keep it going. Need to step this up.

My waiting for feedback slate is officially clean. Don’t remember where I was at as far as submissions go last month, but I’m at 5 submitted stories and 5 rejections. Not bad! I did however finish reading 6 books this month, so that’s great.

Here’s the plan for April:

1) Write 20,000 words this month, not counting blogs or flash fiction.
Seems like a “too-easy” goal. Maybe it is. But with my travel and work schedule, I think this is the best I can go for. It amounts to just under 750 words a day.

2) Complete one work.
I need this. I really do. I don’t even care what it is.

3) Stay the course (Flash fiction and Critters)
Another 2-3 Critter critiques, and 4 more flash fiction.

4) A non-Review/FF blog post per week.
This can count as one of them, but I want to keep this going. I want to keep actively thinking about what I’m doing, and build my blogging muscle to a point I don’t need to think about it as much.

5) Critiques for Blogging Community
There are two individuals that I’ve connected with through the blog that I’ve promised critiques for in a generic sort of way. I’d like to make good on that promise.

6) Visit some other blogs and throw down some meaningful comments.
Didn’t get to it last month as much as I wanted to, but I want to do this. I want to be for other blogs what so many others are for me.

I give myself a C this month (With A being the best, and F being failure). In many ways, I’ve made less progress than last month, but I think I’ve made some strategic progress in a few places. Next month we’ll see if I’m just talking nonsense or truly making progress.

Do you have any writing goals this month?


4 thoughts on “State of the Fiction – March

  1. You sound so organized it makes me think I better start doing a little planning for my writing goals, so on. I must admit I’m not the most organized person in the world or anywhere else for that matter. Thank you for giving me some food for thought. We must have goals to work toward.

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    1. Planning is important. I like to try and check myself against my goals so I know if I am making progress. It also lets me surprise myself when I’ve had a month I felt was terrible… but then upon summary realize I actually got quite a bit done. Good luck!


  2. That’s awesome! It’s really important to track your progress because it encourages you when you see how much you’ve been doing! Even if it isn’t as much as you’d like, you’re still in motion! You can do it!! 🙂

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