White Snow

Here’s today’s Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer.  For some reason, the focus and color made me think Disney.  A little long this week!

Thanks to pixabay for the picture.

White Snow

The outside of the apartment was like nature’s circus, a beautiful assortment of colored plants. If only it didn’t have to snow!
The young man fiddled with the door for several minutes, large droopy eyes giving him an almost childlike visage. Didn’t work. He gave the door a feeble kick. Nothing ever worked. And suddenly, his friend was there, the nice lady with the pale skin and dark black hair.
“Come on, you old dope. Don’t let the grumpies get you,” she sang before nimbly stepping over to help him. She eased the key from his hands and helped with the lock.
He smiled up to her. She leaned in as the lock clicked. “See! Be happy.”
He just kept up with his simple smile.
“Not talking… Feeling bashful?”
He wasn’t really sure what bashful meant, but nodded at her. He liked to see her smile at him. The snow had begun to land on her, each flake adding a sparkle to her sapphire blouse. A flake landed on his nose, making him sneeze.
She shepherded him into the apartment, the only light of that cave coming from the brightness outside. “Now go wash up for dinner.  The Doc says you need to get some sleep, and I’d like for us to eat first.”
He shuffled off, trying to do as she asked. Moments later, he heard a voice at the door. It was an old woman, looking almost one with the falling snow, withered skin and a pointed nose like a wilting gray carrot. The young man disliked her immediately.
“Would you like to buy some fruit, my dear?”


17 thoughts on “White Snow

    1. Thanks! Just keep looking at it. Try a little association game with different objects int he picture and remember: You don’t need to write about the structure… Just whatever it prompts you to think about. My story shifted 2-3 times as I started to write it. I actually had to add the line to the top so that anybody reading it would see the tie to the structure. Good luck!

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  1. Cute, he has a lovely flirty girl to let him in. But I think the allusion to the old woman in the night, a wonderful reference to Snow White and the wicked Queen turned hag, should be of sufficient knowledge to this guy that he doesn’t eat the fruit 🙂 well written.


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