Disney Challenge

I saw this on another blog and wanted to post the same questions on mine.  Timed well with my recent flash fiction White Snow.  I’m also including Pixars in this.

1. What Disney scene do you wish you could experience?
I wouldn’t mind riding on Microbots (Big Hero 6), or experiencing dinner with Lumiere at Beast’s Castle… or (I’ll admit it!) building an ice palace as Elsa.

2. An unforgettable experience you’ve had at the parks?
My most unforgettable experience was actually my first trip to the parks, and it wasn’t a great one. We had taken a Disney cruise, and one of the stops involved a shuttle to Disney World. I picked up a wheel-chair for my mother-in-law before riding the ferry into the Magic Kingdom.

We ended up getting separated at the Carousel, with my pregnant wife with her wheel-chair ridden mother on one side, and me and our 2 year old on the other side. The staff wouldn’t let me cross the rope and get to them… Even as they allowed other people (guests, not staff) to pass. Irked me a great deal while I walked the whole way around through the castle to reunite with my family and push the wheel chair. The evening didn’t end there though.

After fireworks, I went to return the wheelchair at a spot where there were a ton of other wheel chairs being dropped off… And I made the mistake of asking if I could leave mine. The man told me I had to return it where I got it. So my wife and mother-in-law went to go get on our bus back to the cruise ship, while I hopped on the ferry to take the wheelchair back. Beforehand, I checked to ensure the ferry would be running. I was told the ferry would run until 9:30.

I get over … and everything is closed. I take the wheelchair up to the building I got it… And nobody is there. Standing there a moment or two, somebody emerges from the door, trying to lock it behind her, and I catch her. She has no idea why I’m returning the wheel chair, and says I could have left it back at the castle. Fortunate, right?

So I get back to the ferry. They let everybody off, but don’t open the side to let me on. The boat goes back across without me. Meanwhile, the buses are preparing to leave for the cruise ship. I climbed the fence/gate so I could go stand directly on the pier. When the boat docked, they asked to back up, which I did… But I just lurked while everybody got off. Then I tried to just walk on. They refused me. They said they didn’t bring passengers back after 9:00. Sure it runs til 9:30… One way.

Meanwhile my wife has to stall the bus, which needs to depart so the cruise ship can leave on time. I walk right past the cast members on the boat and refuse to get off. They call security, and ultimately get confirmation that I can take the boat back.

Made it back to the cruise ship…Not a great first experience at Disneyworld. The cruise was incredible though!

3. What non-Disney song brings back memories of Disney?
I’m not sure, honestly. I guess if I hear “The Lion Sleeps tonight” I think of Lion King.

4. When was the first time you went to a Disney park?
2013. I was 31. See story above!

5. If you could choose any of the characters to be your best friend who would you choose?
Mickey for sure. He’s a super bestfriend, and knows everybody.

6. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
Belle because she most values reading, or Tiana because she most values hard work.

7. Name a scene in a Disney movie that never fails to make you cry?
Don’t want a spoiler… But that scene in Inside Out on the rocket. Just thinking of that scene makes me tear up.

8. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Inside Out, Mulan, Big Hero Six.

9. Overrated Disney movie?
I can’t stand Sleeping Beauty. SO boring. Can’t blame it on being an early movie… I think Cinderella and Snow White are great. I don’t know how “The Good Dinosaur” did, but other than the amazing eye candy, that movie was TERRIBLE.

10. Underrated Disney?
I have to go with The Princess and the Frog. I think it came out in really close proximity with Tangled (which was also fantastic), but I don’t think the movie gets enough support.

11. Favorite Disney song?
So many good ones… Part of your World. Something there. Let it go (I said it, and you thought it was great the first 15-20 times you heard it). Almost all of the Reprises in the Disney Renaissance period (Mermaid through Tarzan).

12. Least Favorite Disney Movie?
Sleeping beauty. Can’t get through it.

13. Most Memorable Disney Villain?
Scar was pretty good. Mother Gothel. Stepmother from Cinderella. All so manipulative.

14. Favorite Classic/Favorite Modern Disney movie?
Classic -> Cinderella. I don’t like the plot, but I do like the evil stepmother.

Modern -> So technically the “modern” era for Disney was Aristocats through Oliver and Company… If that’s what we’re going with, I’ll say Robin Hood. If we mean modern as in recent, I’ll go with Inside Out.

15. Favorite Disney score?
The music backdrop in Lion King was amazing. When Simba climbs pride rock, I really feel it every time. I also like the icy tones of Frozen. I love the spectrum of emotion represented in Inside Out. The same tune can be both happy and sad at different tempos.


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