Glad to be back in the world of flash fiction with my favorite weekly writing prompt over at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Hope you guys enjoy this one!



“We’re losing elevation, Tom.”
“I know Ben.”
“There are cars in those streets, Tom.”
“I know Ben.”
Tom had never flown a chopper before. He still wasn’t sure how Ben had talked him into being the one to do it. Ben was always setting him up. They had been planning the heist all summer. Weeks, even months of effort would be wasted because Tom couldn’t maintain altitude. Assuming they weren’t killed. Even if they somehow survived, the consequences would without question last the rest of their lives. There’d be no leniency.
“Tom, you’re going to crash!”
Tom panicked. He pushed down hard on the stick and the chopper lurched violently towards the ground. Too late he remembered he should have pulled back.
“Oh no oh no.”
There was a terrible grunt as the thing hit the asphalt. Cars shrieked as their drivers slammed on brakes and horns alike in a futile effort to avoid this sudden invader to their streets. Time stopped for Tom as his world crashed down. In that frozen moment, a single car dodging the pileup managed to break through and run right into Tom’s chopper.
And crushed it.
It was Dad’s favorite.
Dad was going to be pissed.

39 thoughts on “Crashing

      1. Whoops! Didn’t catch that….reading again I can pick up on that. Well, his dad can not possibly be as upset with him for a toy being destroyed…just imagine if it was a real helicopter! 😀

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  1. Lol. Is it really a remote controlled helicopter? What a relief! Not entirely for the dad, who has every reason to be upset, but losing his son would’ve been far worse (or, at least, it should be). Good dialogue and descriptions! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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  2. Great story, Jon. Liked the way you tried to fool us, making us think it was a real chopper when it was a model all along (I did work that out while reading BTW!) Totally different abgle than I took, but isn’t that the joy of FFfAW – to see what others have doen with the pic? 🙂

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  3. Great tell. Imagine having made the chopper end up on the road like that, relatively safe, when Tom couldn’t even fly a helicopter. And then, the car crushes it. I think Dad is going to be quite upset and has a right to be.

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