Fantasy Books of the Decade

As I finish my scene outline and start to dive into the meat of writing, I’d like to take advantage of Stephen King’s second most important thing to do when you want to write (with #1 being “to write”):  Read more books… And not cliche and cerebral books on how to write (although I’ve read plenty of those and actually would still advocate reading them), but read the stuff you want to write…

Which brings me to the point of this:

You guys are my social network.  What authors/books can you recommend?  I grew up on Christopher Stascheff, Alan Dean Foster, Robert Aspirin, Anne McCaffrey, and Mercedes Lackey.  In my adult years, I’ve added in LE Modesitt Jr, George RR Martin, and Patrick Rothfuss.

If I’m looking for fantasy, who else should I be checking out?  I’m comfortable with Teen or Adult assuming it’s good.

Novel Word Count: 17,000


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Books of the Decade

  1. I’d recommend Brent Weeks- Beyond the shadows trilogy. Not sure if this is in the same realm of fantasy as what you are writing but it is definitely worth the read if you are looking for something in the genre to help out with writing.

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