Works in Progress

This is a page to host and track all the works I’ve got going, and what state they are in.  Let me know if any of these sound interesting to you!


Maega (10k) – Fantasy YA(ish) – 1st Draft
Princess Luan n’Belstra is just moments away from being crowned queen when her entire kingdom is overrun and she is exiled.  While facing dangers from both the invaders and her own subjects, Luan learns what it truly means to be a Queen, and discovers that magic is not the only power a person can hold.

Greyscape (70k) – Fantasy – 1st Draft
Gevok was the most prodigious student from his college in the last 20 years.  His prowess with magic and solving problems were unparalleled.  So why was he wasted as being assigned as Advisor to a backwards kingdom that doesn’t even show up on the maps (and he would know).

Odyssey (10k) – Science Fiction – 1st Draft
In 2219, the alien craft came, blowing past every defense humanity could throw at it.  It possessed only a single mission:  To capture all of the most powerful leaders of humanity and bring them to the opposite end of the galaxy.  But to what end?  And how will they get home?

Pharaoh (5k) – Fantasy YA – 1st Draft
Emily and her brother are forced to spend the summer at their grandmother’s in Winnemucca Nevada, and things couldn’t look any worse.  That is, until they discover the portal to a world strongly reminiscent of ancient Egypt… And now they must figure out how to get home before the politics and magic of this ancient kingdom ensure they are just another finding in a tomb.

Safehaven (5k) – Gothic Horror – 1st Draft
Once per year, people vanish from their homes and their lives and find themselves in the sleepy hamlet of Safehaven.  Unfortunately, between the shadows and the lies, only one thing appears true in this town:  Escape is not possible.

Short Stories

Ascended (5k) – Fantasy – 2nd Draft
A youth of a primitive society tries to understand the complexities of an advanced civilization.

Bunker (5k) – Post-apocalyptic Dystopia – 2nd Draft
Jeremiah has always been at home in Bunker.  What happens when everything he loves is taken away?

Endless Sorrow (3.5k) – Fantasy – 2nd Draft
A man faces a threat, and recalls the road he has walked to get there.  Set in the Greyscape universe.

Havik (5k) – Urban Fantasy – 2nd Draft (Storyboarded for a Graphic Novel)
A modern mage brings his partner to an elven citadel to help purge a demon from her… And must help that city face the most powerful demon to have walked the earth.

Heltech (7k) – Crime Drama – 1st Draft
When Baxter notices that the main executives of Heltech have started dying, he realizes he is the only one alive that still can put together the clues needed to stop the killer.

Neurrent (7k) – Cyberpunk – 1st Draft
A detective is killed in an explosion and then recreated digitally by a hacker.  Turns out this was a mistake!  The hacker was trying to recreate the love of his life, and his only clue is the dead detective he brought back by mistake.

Replacement (1.2k) – Modern – Final Draft
Eleanor Whitfield is George’s prisoner… But is she who he thinks she is?

Rush (1k) – Fantasy – 1st Draft
Orcs are not known for magic… But why is everybody counting on Mudde to save them?

Savepoint (2k) – Modern Speculative – 1st Draft
What if you could restore life to a point you saved?  What would you change?  What would happen if you forgot to save?

Skycraft (7.5k) – Steampunk – 2nd Draft
Andrick Masters pilots his airship into the foreboding Storm to find a missing Captain… and maybe himself.

The Sun Shall Rise (5k) – Contemporary Fantasy – Final Draft
Dickson learns of a magic power older than time itself and capable of making the sun rise.

Venture (2k) – Post-apocalyptic – 1st Draft
A girl gathers close friends to cross the desert Wasteland and get back to the home she has nearly forgotten.

War (5k) – Fantasy – 2nd Draft
Dodron must solve a murder mystery and ultimately choose between loyalty to his kingdom and loyalty to his friends.

Brume – Science Fiction – Outlined
A destructive cloud has settled over the world, and our heroes must figure out how to remove it.

Burning Truth (2.5k) – Horror – 1st Draft
A man lets evil into his town.

Virus (1k) – Horror – 1st Draft
A lazy programmer cuts a corner and allows a mind-controlling virus into his system.