In On Writing, Stephen King gives us two important things we need to be doing to improve our writing.  First, and very important is more writing.  Great advice.  Seems pretty obvious, but I don’t think I take it nearly enough.

Still very important is more reading.  The more we read, the better we get at building our own writing.  I would add that I think it is not just reading, but reading with a critical eye that helps you turn around and look at your own work to make it better.  This page will include an index of everything I’ve read and written a review for.

Each review will contain:

  1. Why did I read this book?
  2. Did I enjoy it?
  3. How will I get better as a result of reading this book?

Fiction – Novels, short stories, whatever.

Brown, Dan – Digital Fortress
Connelly, Michael – The Lincoln Lawyer
Gone Girl
Crichton, Michael – Jurassic Park

Kilby, Matt – The Road Cain Walks
Connelly, Michael – The Black Echo

Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

James, P. D. – The Murder Room
Ilona Andrews – Magic Bites

Non-fiction and Self-help – Books written primarily to teach.

King, Stephen – On Writing
Snyder, Blake – Save the Cat

Lamott, Anne – Bird by Bird

Goins, Jeff – You’re a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

Dillard, Annie – The Writing Life

Dweck, Carol – Mindset

Roy Peter Clark – Writing Tools

SPECIAL – Critiques

If you would like me to review something you have written, email me and I will be glad to take a peek, whether published or unpublished.  I’m part of critique groups, so I completely understand and value your intellectual property.  If you want me to publish my review as a blog post I will.  If you’d prefer a private answer, I’m open to that as well.

If you want to participate in this, just email me: