Start your fiction is a blog about trying to move from being a writer to being an author.  I started my writing journey in late 2013, and I am writing this blog to chronicle that path until one day I can say that I am not only a professional author, but that’s the only profession I need.

Currently, I’m a Senior Manager at a large Financial Auditing firm, where my role involves leading around 30 team members as we support the litigation support field.

If that sounded muddled, go with this one:  You ever watch those CSI programs where they get the hard drive of the bad guys and after the commercial break we see all the crazy incriminating stuff on it?  My team is the commercial break.

When I’m not busy exploring new worlds via writing, reading, playing games (video, board, RPG, whatever), etc… Then I’m enjoying my time in this one with my lovely wife and beautiful daughters.

If you’d like to learn more about my life… Check out some of my memories here:


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  1. Interesting job. You make auditing sound cooler than it really is. I’m currently studying accounting and want to go into auditing. Nice blog, by the way and thanks for following mine. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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